Jira App development tutorialJira Plugin Development

Updated by Michal on 2018-08-19

The tutorial will teach you the practical skills needed to create any Jira customisation. We're going to create an app, step by step. The app will solve a real user problem and will be available on the Atlassian's marketplace.

1. How to create a Jira pluginJira Plugin Development

Updated by Michal on 2018-01-06

Official Atlassian’s tutorial is excellent. But, it doesn't cover all the aspects of Jira plugin development. Also describes them in isolation. There’s no single tutorial, which explains how to write a Jira plugin from the beginning to the end. This one will teach you how to write a complete Jira plugin.

4. Choosing integration pointsJira Plugin Development

Updated by Michal on 2018-01-27

It's 4th article, and we didn't code yet. If you're eager to touch the code, then I'm going to disappoint you. You need to wait for the next one. This time I'm focusing on finding a right place for our plugin.